David Peixotto

Work Experience

2012-Present (2 years)

Qualcomm Senior Engineer

  • Work on the ARM backend of the LLVM compiler to optimize for the snapdragon processor.
  • Implement optimizations and bug fixes in the Qualcomm sources of LLVM.
  • Where applicable, contribute patches to upstream open source compiler.
  • Analyze benchmarks for optimziation opportunities and performance bottlenecks.
2009 (3 months)

Microsoft Intern

  • Developed library for data parallel computations on work-stealing runtime.
  • Submitted conference paper describing technical details of the implementation.
2004–2005 (1 year 1 month)

Intel Software Engineer

  • Responsible for maintenance and development of software used in microprocessor fabrication.

  • Implemented an extension to a large factory critical C program.

  • Worked with geographically disperse group of users and developers to define requirements and software design.

  • Led groups to successfully upgrade software in a high availability production environment


PhD (2012)
Computer Science, Rice University (Houston, TX). Thesis: Low-Level Haskell Code: Measurements and Optimization Techniqueslink
MS (2008)
Computer Science, Rice Univeristy (Houston, TX). Thesis: Tuning a Priority-Based Register Allocator Using Adaptive Compilationlink
BS (2004)
Computer Science, Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR).


Concurrent Collections
Zoran Budimlic, Michael Burke, Vincent Cave, Kathleen Knobe, Geoff Lowney, Ryan Newton, Jens Palsberg, David Peixotto, Vivek Sarkar, Frank Schlimbach, Sagnak Tasirlar In Journal of Scientific Programming, August 2010 • link
Phasers: a unified deadlock-free construct for collective and point-to-point synchronization.
Jun Shirako, David M. Peixotto, Vivek Sarkar, and William N. Scherer III. In ICS ’08: Proceedings of the 22nd annual international conference on Supercomputing • link
Chow and Hennessy vs. Chaitin-Briggs register allocation: Using adaptive compilation to fairly compare algorithms.
Keith D. Cooper, Timothy J. Harvey, and David M. Peixotto. In SMART’08 Workshop, 2008 • link


Low-Level Haskell Traces
David M. Peixotto and Keith Cooper Implementation and Application of Functional Languages (IFL), 2011 • pdf
Fibon – a New Benchmark Suite for Haskell
David M. Peixotto and Keith Cooper Haskell Implementors Workshop, 2010 • pdf
Chow and Hennessy vs. Chaitin-Briggs Register Allocation: Using Adaptive Compilation to Fairly Compare Algorithms
Keith D. Cooper, Timothy J. Harvey, and David M. Peixotto SMART Workshop, 2008 • pdf